Made In UP E-Rickshaw: The number of electric vehicles in India is continuously increasing. Along with this, now rickshaws have also come electric. The trend of e-rickshaw is being seen in great numbers from small towns to big cities. At the same time, now news has come out that e-rickshaws made in EV City of UP (Made In UP E-Rickshaw) will be seen plying on the roads of Uganda and Nepal.

Made In UP E-Rickshaw

In fact, UP’s electric vehicle manufacturing (Made In UP E-Rickshaw) policy has wooed the traders making e-rickshaws in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan, due to which 50 big businessmen sell them across the country by making e-rickshaws in the states have now decided to set up their factories here. has decided. The government is also helping the businessmen to set up these factories soon.

In fact, the company that sends e-rickshaws to Uganda and Nepal has also shown interest in setting up its factory in EV City. Therefore, in the coming times, Made in UP e-rickshaws will be seen running in Africa and Asia.

Let us tell you that Yamuna Express Industrial Development Authority (Made In UP E-Rickshaw) has told these businessmen to get 100 acres of land in Sector-28. This land will be made as Electric Vehicle City (EV City) in Sector-28. At the same time, land in this EV city will soon be allotted to the company making e-rickshaw and their associated battery and manufacturing rig companies, so that UP can start manufacturing e-rickshaws in the first planned EV city as soon as possible.

Made In UP E-Rickshaw

It is being told that businessmen setting up industries in Electric Vehicle City will get a 50 percent interest rebate for 7 years. Apart from this, there will be a subsidy of 5 percent on research and development. Electric duty will be waived for 10 years. State GST will get a 90 percent rebate for 10 years. The government will cooperate in PF up to 200 employees. The government seems to be moving towards full development in UP.

Electric Car Charging Time

The electric vehicle can be charged in two ways. The car battery can be fully charged in one to two hours through the fast charging provided in the electric vehicle. Along with this, the car battery takes six to seven hours to get fully charged through slow charging.

How many kilometers does an electric car run on a single charge?

The first question that remains about the electric car is how many kilometers of range it offers in a single charge. It all depends on the battery pack in the car, the way the car is driven. Typically an electric car with a 15KMH battery pack offers a range of around 100 to 150 km. Talking about the Indian electric car market, at present, Indian electric cars offer a range of 300 to 350 km on a single charge. The world’s number one electric vehicle maker Tesla offers a range of up to 500 km on a single charge.