Youngest Mother In The World: This is the world’s youngest mother, was 5 years old when she gave birth to a child. She belongs to Peru (South America) becomes the youngest mother in the World.

Youngest Mother In The World Age 5 Years Old

Today in Ajag-Gajab Stories, we will tell you about the world’s youngest mother… you will also be surprised to know its story. Although this story is very old, it is discussed in the media and on the Internet even today. Yes, every time on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the story of this girl (Youngest Mother In The World) is definitely mentioned on the Internet. Something similar happened this time too. Let us know this matter in detail.

Youngest Mother In The World Age 5 Years Old

This girl named ‘Lina Medina’, who lives in Peru surprised the whole world by giving birth to a child at the age of just 5 years. At that time, this was the first such case in the medical world that a girl (Youngest Mother In The World) had become a mother at such a young age. It was a riddle that could not be solved to date. Actually, it has been believed in the world of science that someone can’t become a mother at such a young age. How this happened has not been disclosed to date.

Youngest Mother In Peru, South America

Youngest Mother In Peru, South America

Lina was born on 27 September 1933 in Ticrapo, Peru. Lena (Youngest Mother In The World) was five years old when her stomach suddenly started increasing in size. Lena’s parents thought that the stomach was growing due to a tumor, but a child was growing in Lena’s stomach when the investigation was done.

Due to her young age, her (Youngest Mother In The World) life was in danger at the time of the birth of the child. That’s why the team of doctors kept Leena in the hospital for almost a month. Finally, Leena gave birth to a son by operation on May 14, 1939. By this time the news of Lena had covered the media of the whole world including Peru. According to media reports, Leena (Youngest Mother In The World) started getting periods from the age of only 3.

Lina Medina youngest mother in the world

At the same time, by the age of 5, the womb was capable of giving birth to a child. When the doctors operated on Lena at the time of the child’s birth, they also found that the reproductive organs were fully developed. The baby weighed 2.7 kg at birth and was named ‘Jeradare’ after the doctor who performed the surgery. Geradre was raised as Lina’s brother. When Jorarde turned 10, he learned that Lena was not his sister, but his mother. In the year 1970, Lina was married to a young man named Raul Jurado, and thus Lina became the mother of a second son in 1972. However, in 1979, his first son, Geradre, died at the age of 40 due to an illness.

Who was the youngest person to have a baby?

The answer is Lina Medina.

How Did Lina Medina Become A Mother?

The biggest question in Leena’s case was that how did she (Youngest Mother In The World) become a mother after all..? Lena herself did not even know anything about this. Due to this, the suspicion of the police first went to Leena’s father. The police thought that Leena was sexually abused by her father, but the police could not present any concrete evidence against her father in court. So the court released him. A report published in Peruvian media raised suspicion that Lina may have been raped. In fact, in many villages around the village where Leena lived, the traditional festival was celebrated once every year.

During this festival, sexual relations between young men and women were made collectively. During this time many girls were also raped. That is why it was assumed that Leena was also raped. However, due to the age Lena, doubts were also expressed about this. In this way, the secret of Leena becoming a mother remained a mystery forever. Lena becoming a (Youngest Mother In The World) mother at the age of just 5 and a half years was a shocking incident. Due to this, many media around the world tried to interview Leena, but Leena has not interviewed anyone to date.

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